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Forgotten Who Your Domain Registrar Is?

30 July, 2018

If you can't remember which domain registrar is managing your name, there's a quick and easy way to find out.

If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry - you're not alone. After all, aside from renewing your domain name, having a website address is pretty much a set and forget sort of affair for the most part. Not knowing who the registrar is may also happen if someone else within a company was responsible for domain registration and that person is no longer contactable for whatever reason.

The easiest way to determine your registrar is by running a WHOIS search. Enter your name and you'll see an entry in the results:

Registrar Name:

However, in some cases a reseller may be involved. That being the case, the details will be found under the field:

Reseller Name:

You can learn more about the difference between registrars and resellers here.

Another way to go about it that will also provide the account management password if you no longer have it and expiry details (expiry dates aren't listed on WHOIS queries) is to use the .AU registry operator's (Afilias) tool - available here.

  1. Enter the domain name, your name, and click ‘recover’
  2. An email will be sent to the contact email address on record containing a link.
  3. That link will take you to a page displaying the password for the domain, the name of the registrar and the registration expiry date.

As a security measure, the link in the recovery email is only active for 48 hours.

This method is only useful is the domain record is up to date in terms of registrant admin contact details. If that is no longer current, you'll need to use the WHOIS method described above and then follow whatever process the registrar/reseller has in place in order to reset your domain password.

Once you've determined who your registrar is and have all the details you need again, it would be very wise to securely record them somewhere to prevent a reoccurrence.


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