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AU Domain Name Registrars Vs. Resellers

During your search for an AU domain name, among the industry jargon you may have seen are the terms domain registrar and reseller - there are some very important differences between the two that you should be aware of.

What is an Accredited Australian domain name registrar?

To be a .AU domain registrar, the company must be accredited by the overseeing body of the Australian namespace, the au Domain Administration (auDA). This a lengthy and complex process designed to help ensure the ongoing integrity of the AU registry. Domain Registration Services is an accredited registrar.

The accreditation process for potential registrars in Australia is expensive - costing thousands for the initial application, thousands of dollars more each year in licensing fees and to kick off, the registrar must have starting balance of AUD$10,000.

In addition to the financial investment, prospective AU domain name registrars must pass 3 tests - a registry interface test, a policy test and a regulatory test. As part of the regulatory test, the registrar's web site and premises is examined. 

A .AU registrar must also be auDA Information Security Standard (ISS) Certified.

Once fully accredited, AU domain name registrars are authorised to provide direct services to consumers, businesses and other organisations that wish to register an Australian domain name, renew their existing name or make changes to its record. AU registrars are expected to adhere to an industry code of conduct.

AU Domain Resellers

Resellers "buy" domain names and manage associated records for their customers via an interface provided by an accredited registrar - they are a middleman between the registrant and registrar. Resellers are not accredited, nor are they approved by auDA.

The effectiveness of a reseller will depend to a degree on the level of communications between that reseller and the domain registrar. If there is an issue, resolution may take a little longer if the registrant is seeking support through the reseller as the reseller may need to first consult with the registrar.

Domain name resellers may also have registration services as a sideline business that could affect their ability to support customers; whereas a for a domain registrar, it tends to be a core focus. That said, there are many resellers offering registration services as a primary or even sole activity.

Both accredited Australian registrars and their resellers are compelled to comply with the .au Domain Name Suppliers' Code of Practice (2004-04), which consists of compulsory conduct guidelines for the Australian domain name industry. As is the case for any business, both must comply with any relevant Australian consumer law.

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