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Multiple Domain Name Registration Scam

Published September 5, 2010

While it can be a good idea to register multiple names such as the .com equivalent of a domain name in order to help redirect wayward visitors and to protect against cybersquatters, some registrars are exploiting the strategy in what is basically just a scam in order to convince people to register names they don't really need.

Over the last few years, rogue registrars in Asia have been approaching Australian domain name owners encouraging them to register Asian equivalent of their domain to "protect" against other companies registering them. The ploy becomes a scam given that often they'll state a company is after the names and give the target a certain amount of time to beat the "competitor" to the punch.

These email solicitations usually read along these lines:


Dear CEO,

We are an Asian domain registration organisation and need to confirm some details with you. Last week, we received a formal application from (bogus company name) who want to register the following names.

After performing our usual checks, we found these registrations would clash with your existing company or domain name and as you have yours registered first; we would like to offer you the opportunity of registering these names before the other company.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange registration. If we have not heard from you within 7 days, we will assume you do not want the names and will allow your competitor to register them.



At times, the emails will not ask you whether you wish to register the names, but to contact the registrar. Upon doing so, the hard sell will then begin. As the emails follow the same sort of format, they are easy to identify and should be ignored.


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