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Iran Moving Domain Name Hosting In-House

Published October 24, 201

The Iranian Government is reportedly moving to segregate the country's Internet interests from the rest of the world.

According to a report on, a web site dedicated to analysis and debate about Iran; President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's National Internet Network initiative will bring Iran online assets "in-house", effectively creating a separate internet for Iran - or more accurately, a giant intranet.

In 2006, Iran's Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Abdolmajid Riyazi, expressed fears of a U.S "monopoly" on the web that had the potential to negatively affect his country by allowing outsiders easy access to spy on the regime's activities.

Since that time, the Iranian government has transferred the hosting of most official domain names to domestic servers. Earlier this year, Riyazi likened hosting Iranian web sites outside the nation's borders to "buying one's locks from the thief".

Riyazi also argues that by creating the massive intranet, it will also boost the speed of communications performance and improve the ecommerce and online banking experience for the people of Iran. The head of Iran's national telecommunications company is on record for saying that foreign websites were the major culprits in slowing the system down. There is currently a 128 kilobytes per second access speed limit imposed upon most Iranian Internet users.

While the new system will allow the government to switch access to sites hosted outside of Iran on and off,  authorities have made no direct guarantees whether users will be able to access the global internet at all from their own systems once the work is complete.

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