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Domain Name Trivia - The .eu Extension

Published August 25, 2010

The .eu domain name extension is available to half a billion Europeans in 27 countries - so who is using it?

Plenty are it seems - current statistics show 3.24 million active .eu domain name registrations. The country with the largest number of .eu registrants is Germany, with nearly 1 million registrations. Next is the Netherlands with 424,000 active registrations, followed by the United Kingdom with just over 316,000.

The total number of registrations at the end of Q1 2010 represented an increase of 6.8%, or 207 266 registrations compared to the total number at the end of Q1 2009.

During the first quarter of this year, 20 722 domains out of 3.25 million were traded (changed hands), approximately  one domain out of 157.

A brief history of the .eu domain extension

The European Council began discussing a single top-level domain for Europe in 1999. EURid, the European Registry of Internet Domain Names, has been managing the .eu top-level Internet domain under contract to the European Commission since May 2003. The extension was added to the Domain Name System in March 2005 and general registrations began in April 2006. EURid now has approximately 900 accredited registrars throughout the world.

As is the case with Australian domain names only being available to residents or organisations with an established presence in Australia, only individuals and organisations residing within the European Union are eligible for a .eu name.

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