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What Is Domain Name Optimisation?

Published February 14, 2010

Domain name optimisation is related to SEO (search engine optimisation) - selecting a name that can help your rankings on search engines.

Choosing a creative name for your web site can help with establishing brand identity, but may do very little when it comes to search engines; particularly during the early stages of your online business.

Search engine ranking algorithms are very complex - sometimes consisting of hundreds of different signals. One of the signals is the domain name and its relevance to the content of the site. Another is anchor text used in inbound links to your site.

Anchor text is the text used when someone is linking to your site from elsewhere. As often people will link to your site using your site name, by having a domain name that reflects the content, it can help give you a boost in search engine rankings on that and related terms.

For example, if you're selling purple flombles, then register a domain name such as or A hyphenated domain name isn't totally necessary as search engines are smart enough now to discern separate words, even if they run together. However, it can be a good idea to register both versions to prevent a competitor from doing so.

Bear in mind that the domain name you choose isn't the be all and end all in ranking highly in search engines by any means; but in a highly competitive sector and all other things being equal, a little thought to domain name optimisation just might give you an edge over others.

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