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What Other Domain Name Extensions Are Australians Registering?

April 30, 2020

While .AU names of course rule the roost in Australia, Australians are also registering a bunch of other extensions. Here's some statistics.

At the time of writing, 3,167,956 Australian domain names were registered, and given the eligibility criteria for .au, it's safe to assume the vast majority of those were registered by Australians. Based on March's registry totals, makes up around 89% of all .au names under management.

But Australians have also been busy registering other non-au extensions, millions of them in fact. According to DomainNameStat, around 2,128,753 non .au addresses are registered by Australians.

Here's how the top ten looks, in descending order, along with the number of registrations and market share:

  1. .com - 1,494,511 - 70.21%
  2. .net - 143,189 - 6.73%
  3. .org - 115,910 - 5.44%
  4. .info - 47,579 - 2.24%
  5. .co - 38,400 - 1.80%
  6. .online - 37,089 - 1.74%
  7. .biz - 25,010 - 1.17%
  8. .uk - 24,611 - 1.16%
  9. .me - 17,375 - 0.82%
  10. .asia - 11,419 - 0.54% 

The .com domain extension is far and away the most popular; which isn't surprising as it has global appeal. While it remains that the best domain for an Australian business doing business here is, it can be handy to have the .com version as well - if only to prevent anyone else from using it and perhaps causing mischief. It's interesting to see the .uk extension appearing in the top ten list, showing the strong ties we still have with the nation. 

The popularity of .online is also interesting in that it's what's known as a "new" gTLD (generic Top Level Domain). It's only been around for about 5 years; a young pup compared to .au's 30+ year history. Perhaps .online's attraction is that it's cheap to register. But cost and value can be very different things - it's good to keep in mind the rock-solid street cred .au has earned over the years and maintains today.

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