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.AU Domain Statistics Update

16 August, 2019

How's .au doing? Here's a look at the latest registry report.

According to reports from auDA released this week, the end of July saw 3,197,515 Australian domain names under management in total, an increase of 1.3% year-over-year. Registration of new domains in July wasn't particularly flash, with 45,978 added - down 2.3% year-over-year. However, July's results were better than June, which saw 41,467 - so it works out July was up close to 11%.

Here's how .au extension tallies ended the month and their performance year-over-year:

So, has remained strong over the last 12 months and makes up 89% of all active .au registrations. The extension has been weakening for a long time now - it used to be a popular choice for technology websites, but that sector has gravitated to

A couple of extensions you may not be familiar with are and The extension is for non-commercial organisations, while is for personal use by Australian residents and citizens - it can't be used for commercial purposes. You can learn more about domain names here

Other .au extensions not included in the above are CGDNs - community geographic domain names such as; but there aren't many of those.

To view auDA's archive of registry reports which goes back to 2002, click here

.AU Trivia

The earliest auDA report, July 2002, indicated 282,632 active .au domains. The proportion of names was quite similar to now - around 91%. The .au registry was eleven times larger in July 2019 than it was in July 2002. 

The .au extension dates back around 33 years. You can learn more about its history here.

While there are millions of names now registered, there are still a bunch of good choices available, so start your domain name search now. Bear in mind you'll need to be eligible to register a .au website address, so perhaps check out eligibility criteria here first.

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