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Australian Domains And Fan/Criticism Sites

December 3, 2018

Can an Australian domain name be taken off you if it contains a trademark name and is being used with a fan or criticism site?

It's generally unwise to use a trademark name in an Australian domain (or any other extension for that matter), but some may feel if it is associated with a fan site or one critical of a company, they are entitled to use it under their rights to free speech*.

For example, registering a domain name with words left of the such as:


Whether it's a fan or a "sucks" site, trademark owners can understandably get pretty touchy about the use of their name, so expect a virtual knock on your door should you choose to register such a domain. Let's say it then goes a few steps further - the company involved demands you relinquish the name and you refuse to. A next step could be for the trademark owner to submit a complaint under the .AU Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP) .

So, what's the likely outcome? The quick answer is - it's not clear.

Regarding criticism sites, au Domain Administration (auDA) says there is yet to be an auDRP case that has addressed the issue of whether a registrant in such a situation has rights or legitimate interests in a domain name used for such a site. In relation to fan sites - it's the same situation.

In both scenarios, where a respondent attempted to raise such an argument it hasn't gone any further as the respondent has failed to provide evidence to support the intended use as a fan/criticism site, or because it was clear use of the domain name was commercial in nature - and that is a deal-breaker. 

So, the best advice is to probably is to still avoid using trademark names for such sites unless you're willing to risk what may have been a lot of hard work on your part to build it up, only to sail into unknown waters - waters that could get quite stormy.

For fan sites, something you can do is to contact the trademark owner and ask their permission to use such a name - and if they are agreeable, ensure you get their agreement in writing. As for criticism sites, it will come as no surprise that approach probably won't be successful.

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*Trivia: The Australian Constitution does not explicitly protect freedom of expression and Australia does not have a Bill of Rights.

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