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.AU Domains Continue To Reign Supreme In Australia

November 24, 2016

Survey results indicate 68% of Australians would register a .au domain if creating a new web site.

Earlier this month, AusRegistry and the .au Domain Administration (auDA) released findings of the fourth annual .au survey; based on the feedback of more than 3,000 respondents.

Among the findings, 58% of domain holders surveyed have registered a .au domain name. Those who have registered did so as they perceive it to be the most popular domain type in Australia (58%) and best represents local organisations (47%). 22% did so as they trusted the namespace.

 “It is not surprising that in its 30 years of operation, .au has become one of the most established and successful ccTLDs," said AusRegistry Senior Director George Pongas.

“As a namespace it not only sits as one of the most popular ccTLDs, having ranked in the top ten for domains under management for a number of years, it is a namespace that continually strives to innovate and to safeguard its users."

AusRegistry is the registry operator for all Australian top level domains (TLDs). It does not offer registration services to the public, but through the auDA provides accreditation to registrars.

One of the many interesting points to emerge from the survey is that 39% of businesses don't yet have a domain name. Among business owners without a domain, 52% believed there was no need.

It doesn't really matter what type of business it is, there are a number of benefits of registering a web address; even if it's just to prevent a cybersquatter or competitor in another state grabbing the name first; or as a form of future-proofing - you'll never know when you may need it.

When it does come time to register a name, 22% choose a provider via their web design agency, 24% through an internet search and 18% through a recommendation. 

The survey also indicated gender gap among registrants is closing in .AU, with women making 47% of domain holders this year compared to 44% in 2015 and 43% in 2013.

Further results from the fourth annual survey can be found in the latest issue of Behind The Dot (PDF).

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