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A Lesson In Domain Name Registration From Jeb Bush

December 8, 2015

U.S. Presidential candidate Jeb Bush may not be too happy about this situation, but Donald Trump probably is - and it's all to do with a domain name.

If you visit you'll see a site about The Donald. If you type in, you'll see a site about ... Donald Trump - as the name redirects to Mr. Trump's campaign page.

Donald Trump (or his staff) are pretty big on defensive domain registration - thousands have been registered; variations on his name, aspirations and business interests. However, it's not clear who has control over the name as according to a WHOis query, it's a private registration

Whoever it is, it's probably reasonably safe to say it's not Jeb Bush.

The website address has been registered for a long time - since 1997, and apparently the domain name was up for grabs for USD $250,000 prior to the redirection.

Failure to secure the name has provided a bit of a red-face moment for Mr. Bush while giving Mr. Trump a great deal of free publicity as aside from any type-in traffic, the story has been published on many web sites. 

The redirection of the name may not be a political statement at all by someone opposed to Mr. Bush, but rather a bit of subtle (or not-so-subtle) pressure to encourage him to make an offer.

There's a lesson here for individuals and business owners alike - even if you think you may not want a web site now or even in the future; it can be a very wise move to register your business name and own name as a domain before somebody else does and creates mischief.

Who knows - you may be running for President one day.

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