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Barrage Of Big Buck Domain Name Sales

September 17, 2015

The rumour of the demise of big figure domain sales appears to have been exaggerated if 2015 to date is anything to go by.

While .COM domains tend to rule the roost when it comes to big sales, it was announced earlier today changed hands for just shy of AUD $1.3 million at current exchange rates. The Telegraph reports the figure was a record price for a name ending in .CO.UK.

Also announced earlier today was the sale of for just over AUD $1.1 million; proving "nnn" type domains can still fetch amazing prices. Another recently sold nnn domain,, fetched nearly AUD $669,000.

If you're thinking of trying to find a 3 digit .COM domain name yet to be registered; don't waste your time. They were all snapped up long ago; as have all 3 letter domains and  also 4 letter domains - in the case of the latter, all 456,976 of them.

Another domain to be sold for AUD $1 million+ in the last month was for around AUD $1.4 million.

Other big ticket sales since the beginning of August include for AUD ~$773,000, for AUD  ~$209,000 and for AUD  ~$209,000.

A full listing of the top 100 domain sales for 2015 so far can be viewed here.

While Australian domains don't tend to fetch anywhere near as much as premium .COM's; there has been some standout sales; including; a name that expired and was subsequently auctioned for $125,000 in 2011. That sale remains an Australian record. 

While not as lucrative for sellers, premium .COM.AU aftermarket purchases are much more attainable for buyers; with generic one-word domains relating to specific industries and products often available for just a few thousand dollars.

Much cheaper again is just getting creative and registering your own .COM.AU from the many still available choices.


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