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Top Ten Keyword Domain Registrations In .COM And .NET

February 13, 2015

Verisign Inc has launched a new service showing the top 10 keyword registrations in the .COM and .NET domain registries for the previous month.

Here's how the lists shape up for January 2015


  1. holo
  2. block
  3. glitter
  4. options
  5. send
  6. option
  7. hemp
  8. guys
  9. remodeling
  10. nursing


  1. options
  2. now
  3. option
  4. search
  5. find
  6. hemp
  7. stem
  8. degree
  9. loss
  10. adult

A few of those choices may have some scratching heads; for example the "glitter" keyword. 

The popularity is due to extensive publicity concerning a domain called ShipYourEnemiesGlitter. It's service that does as the name suggests - pay a few bucks and the SYEG team send the person you specified an envelope full of glitter; with the goal of the sparkly stuff winding up everywhere and generally annoying the heck out of the recipient.

It was a cute idea for a website and the ensuing buzz resulted in lots of orders - and consequently lots of copycats began registering related domains in the hope of cashing in on the glitter-shipping craze. The original SYEG creator appears to have profited handsomely from all this attention. Shortly after launch, the person behind the website decided to sell it - and scored USD $85,000 for it.

The main attractions of keyword domains are:

a) a recognisable name related to the product or service 
b) can be easier to resell 
c) search engine visibility

While keyword domain names may not have as much clout in search rankings as they once did; assuming a good quality site is constructed and basic search engine optimization guidelines are adhered to, they can still pack a punch.

Verisign says its top 10 keyword domain list from the preceding month will be published on its new Between The Dots blog on the second Tuesday of each month.


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