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auDRP Overview 1.0 Published

September 12, 2014

A compendium of consensus views on legal and procedural issues under the .au Dispute Resolution Policy (.auDRP) was recently published by .au Domain Administration (auDA).

The purpose of the policy is to provide a more economical and rapid alternative to litigation concerning disputes between the registrant of a .AU domain name and another party claiming competing rights. It covers most of the .AU namespace; including,,,, and domain names. 

The grounds for complaint and procedural rules detailed in the .au Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP)

The auDRP Overview details consensus views of panels on various proceedings under the auDRP. The document was produced for auDA by Dr Andrew F Christie, Foundation Professor of Intellectual Property at Melbourne Law School. 

The first edition  covers approximately 330 auDRP decisions handed down from 1 August 2002 to 15 July 2014. The auDA states its intention is for the Overview to be updated at regular intervals, as required.

While the arbitration process under the auDRP may be cheaper than litigation; it's not free and costs between $2,000 and $4,500 depending on the number of reviewers requested to decide upon a case. The 35 page overview can offer some insight for parties considering filing a complaint under the auDRP as to how their case may be received. It can also be useful to those considering domain registration as an indicator if a name being considered has the potential to be targeted for a complaint under the auDRP.

The auDA auDRP Overview 1.0 can be viewed in full here or downloaded as a PDF here.

For further detail on particular proceedings mentioned in the Overview, see this page for archived proceedings.


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