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Liberals Dabble In Defensive Domain Registration

August 14, 2014

Type "" into your web browser address bar and it won't take you to a site criticising the Liberal Party - it will transport you to the party's official site.

According to the WHOIS details for the domain, the name was registered on the 13th of May by the Liberal Party Of Australia. The date coincides with the handing down of the Federal budget.

It's been reported the party registered the name to avoid others perhaps doing so who may be less than supportive in terms of the type of content the domain hosts. 

However, the registration doesn't appear to have discouraged those in the Labor Party; who registered on August 4.

Defensive domain registration isn't uncommon - many companies engage in it; either to head off "sux" type registrations that could damage the brand or to protect various trademarks. 

With the launch of so many new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) recently; businesses can also feel pressured to register their primary name under those extensions as well. However, it can turn into a rather expensive exercise and not just with the registration fees; there's administration time to consider as well.

A recent example of defensive registration in overdrive is in relation to, which has recently launched Amazon Local Register; a mobile credit card merchant solution. 

According to Domain Name Wire; the company registered close to 100 new domain names for the new service. Amazon has over 35,000 domains in its portfolio says DNW. 

Amazon may have deep pockets and a greater need for such proliferate registration, but the average small business owner doesn't have the resources and likely doesn't require this approach. 

Eric Goldman, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, mentioned back in 2012 that small businesses are probably better off ensuring people can easily find them at their primary address. 

For .COM.AU holders, it can be a good idea to register the .COM equivalent (or vice versa) though; mainly due to global and local awareness levels. It can also be wise to register the names of any trademarks, brands or service names that a business may have.

As for dealing with the haters; well, haters are going to hate - and with so many choices available now; they'll find a name to launch their grievances from no matter how many domains you register.

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