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.SCOT Domains Not Far Off

January 29, 2014

For some residents of Scotland, being grouped under the .UK umbrella country code Top Level Domain simply wasn't good enough. They will soon have their wish - .SCOT will be reality.

After years of effort, Dot Scot Registry (DSR) and ICANN agreed on terms that will permit DSR to operate the new dotSCOT domain space.

"Scotland is a great country, with a great reputation all over the world and having a dotSCOT domain will allow people and organisations to clearly identify themselves with that," said Gavin McCutcheon, Director of Dot Scot Registry.

Registration of .SCOT names won't be confined to residents of Scotland. It is described as a community gTLD "for the worldwide family of people who have a shared commitment to Scottish identity and culture."

The project has enjoyed substantial backing, including the support of actor Sir Sean Connery and First Minister Alex Salmond.

"The dotSCOT domain is long overdue in this digital age, and the worldwide family of Scots who have been waiting patiently since it was first proposed, will soon be able to have this marvellously expressive domain as their online identity of choice," said Minister Salmond.

The campaign for a Scottish top-level internet domain began in 2005. DSR was formed in 2009 as a not-for-profit enterprise, with all its directors serving in a voluntary capacity.

Previously it had been anticipated that the lengthy ICANN process involved would see the new extension not being available until early next year; but it appear the first .SCOT domains might be registered by the the middle of this year.

"2014 is an exciting year for Scotland, and I'm delighted that this distinct online identity for the nation, and all who take an interest in Scotland, will become available, this summer," said Minister Salmond.

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