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What Is Domain Dialling?

August 26, 2013

Remembering a phone number can be quite difficult - a domain name, not so. What if you could use a domain name to dial a number?

A service that has been around for a few years called Siter allows you to do just that.

Domain name registrants and site owners can add their company's URL and phone number details to Siter's database; which consists of tens of millions of such entries. After adding a number, authentication is required to confirm you're the owner of the domain. 

Basic registration with the Siter system (1 phone number) is free. Premium plans offer the ability to add additional numbers for different departments and a higher degree of customisation. A forwarding feature is also available that allows a company to point a domain or email to another domain or email address.

End users download a free app from Apple's App Store, or for Android-powered phones, the app is available from  An app for Windows phone and Blackberry users is also available. 

After the app is installed, it's just a matter of the end user firing up the application and entering the domain name. There is no cost for the end user aside from the regular cost of a phone call; charged by their mobile operator.

Some companies using the service add a ladybug icon to their social media button sets. Clicking on the ladybug displays the company's phone number and offers the option of generating a call to that number.

It's not just second level domains that the service works with. It will also associate a phone number with an email address, subdomain or social media profile that has a URL with a subdirectory identifying the user (such as Twitter).

Siter works with all domain extensions; including new gTLDs.

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