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Royal Baby Birth Sparks Domain Name Speculation

July 24, 2013

The birth of the Prince of Cambridge has triggered a small rush on related domain names.

Pre-empting the birth, the .com version of  "PrinceOfCambridge" was registered just over a week ago on the July 16th. Since the arrival of the royal baby, speculators have been registering related names and also first name possibilities. 

No doubt some of these names will appear on eBay - and while many will be touted as good investments; few - if any - will be. Even prior to the birth, vague related domains started appearing on the auction site; some at high "buy now" prices.

It doesn't take much to get some domain speculators registering names. For example, if a new term or jargon is coined; often the equivalent domain will be registered within minutes of it first being published; with the registrant hoping the term becomes commonly used within an industry, community or better still, in the mainstream.

Terms relating to high profile events are also often registered; for example the recent Boston marathon bombings - with some registrants trying to cash in on the tragic event.

Soon after the new Catholic Pope was elected earlier this year, a rush on related domain names also occurred; but luckily for the Vatican, the person who snagged offered it to the Vatican at no cost.

Celebrity deaths also have a tendency to trigger domain name rushes.

Given the number of domain name speculators who eagerly scan the news and trade publications for name possibilities; it's wise for a business to register the name of any noteworthy event, slogan, product or service it develops before an announcement is made; in fact, as soon as the related word or words are first uttered.  Even business nicknames should be registered in some cases.

While at times names registered by other parties can be regained, the domain name dispute resolution process can be a lengthy and expensive one; with no guarantee of a desired result.

On a related topic, parents registering domain names for their children as soon as a child's name has been settled on is also becoming increasingly common. 

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