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Humourous Domain Cease And Desist Letter Reply

June 20, 2013

Domain name news can get a little dry at times - lets face it; perhaps even boring.  What makes this story all the more amusing isn't just the nature of the reply, but who wrote it.

We've read in the past of domain registrants who when threatened with legal action over the use of a name have made light of the situation in a reply, but in this case it was a lawyer who crafted the response.

The story begins with a US resident who started a web site about his town with basic information about the place. The domain name he chose contained the name of the town.

He then reportedly received a "cease and desist" letter from the town's attorney who demanded he stop using and relinquish the name; claiming among other things use of the name may be a "violation of the Township's federally protected rights". The wording of that initial letter can be viewed here.

Sometimes in these situations, the registrant will simply comply; fearing a lengthy and costly legal battle. 

But not in this case.

The registrant had his attorney get involved and far from being a response heavily peppered with legalese, which is traditional among lawyers; the attorney penned the piece below in reply. How the situation has turned out is unknown; but the lawyer has gained fame by what is now being widely acclaimed as the best cease and desist letter reply ever.

NOTE: For the average person responding to a cease and desist, humour may seem a great way to return fire - but not if the other side doesn't get the joke. And if the other side is somebody's lawyer, it's especially not a wise thing to do. It's best to always involve legal counsel in such a situation - let the law-talkin' folks duke it out.

Stephen Kaplitt: Cease and Desist Response Letter

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