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A Brief History Of The .SI Domain Extension

December 13, 2012

All you probably ever wanted to know (and then some) about the history and evolution of Slovenia's domain extension.

The story begins in 1992. At that stage, web sites in Slovenia were still using the Yugoslav ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), .YU.

SI officially became Slovenia's ccTLD on March 6, 1992 and was added to the Internet's root zone in April of the same year. 

.SI's growth started slowly, with just 10 domains in 1992 and taking a further couple of years to reach 100 domains. Even with slow uptake from that point considering registration was free - due in part to rules only allowing 1 domain per legal entity and also the fact the World Wide Web was still a relatively young pup - the registry reached 1,000 domain names by 1997.

As was the case in the rest of the world, growth picked up abruptly from there; with 10,000 .SI domains registered by 2001. While registration fees were introduced in 2005, rules were relaxed a little in terms of quota - each registrant could register up to 20 domains. 

A further relaxing of rules in 2008 allowed citizen and foreign entities to register names and registration periods were extended from a maximum one year to 5 years.

In 2010, IDN support was implemented for the extension. IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Names, which provides support for non-Latin characters; such as those with accents.

In November 2011, .SI implemented DNSSEC; an extension of DNS protocol that enhances security.

By the beginning of 2012, the .SI registry had grown to 100,000 domain names. Today, there is no restriction on the number of domain names per holder. is the extension's registry operator, based within  the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia. also manages top-level DNS server for .SI.

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