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Do Your Staff Know Your Domain Name?

April 22, 2012

Business owners may take it for granted their staff are aware of the company's URL; but that may not be the case.

A decade ago, a company having a website was still somewhat of a novelty in Australia. Additionally, a domain name didn't tend to feature heavily in advertising or on company stationery as uptake of the Internet was nowhere near what it is today and Australian ecommerce was still in its infancy.

All that has changed of course with Australian businesses now plastering domain names over everything - business cards, TV advertising, pens and whatever else can be printed on.

With a company's domain name having such a high profile in promotion, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think all staff in a business would also be familiar with the name - but perhaps this assumption is incorrect.

According to a survey carried out by the UK's DealJungle and reported on BDaily, while just about all those polled knew their company had a web site and that it was a critical element of the business, 18% could not name their firm's URL. Of the 82% who did know the main body of the domain name, nearly half weren't sure if the extension was '' or '.com.' 

DealJungle points out while the results may be somewhat amusing; having staff unaware of the domain name associated with their firm's website presence can have more serious consequences; such as the directing of leads.

For example, if you're an Australian business without a domain name and using a .com name instead; it's possible staff could direct potential customers to a competitor using the variant (or vice versa). 

While raising staff awareness is key; it's another good reason to register a or the .com equivalent of your Australian domain name - to help ensure wayward potential customers arrive at the right online destination. 

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