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Benefits Of A Personal Domain Name

If you haven't registered a personal domain name yet (one that consists of your first and last name), it's something worth considering doing sooner rather than later.

Such a name can be used in connection with an online resume that changes as your career trajectory does, a photo gallery or a blog to share your thoughts and interests with the world. It will also provide you with the opportunity for a more personalised email address; e.g. you@yourname instead of something like you87645@othername, and may make it easier for others to find you online.

Just remember that if you intend to build a website, you'll also need hosting. Domain registration and web hosting are two separate services.

Even if you have no intention of building a website, you can always redirect it or forward the domain to a social media profile such as your Facebook account to immediately put it to good use.

If you're a consultant or contractor working under your own name, a personal domain can certainly offer a more professional online representation, and on items such as stationary.

As long as you keep renewing the domain name and stay within the rules of the relevant registry in relation to its use, it's an address you should be able to keep for as long as you wish, making it a hub for your digital life now and into the future.

While registering a firstname/lastname website address won't be possible unless you have an ABN or meet other eligibility criteria, you can register a .com, .biz, .org or .info as they have no restrictions. However, if you'd prefer an Aussie identity, there is a special Australian extension perfect for personal use; in fact, it was created for it - You may not have heard of the extension before, but it's been around for over 20 years.

Under rules you can register your full name, an abbreviation of it or even a nickname you are known by. You don't need an ABN, you just need to be an Australian citizen or resident.

The other good news is that domains are cheaper to register than a address - significantly so. Just bear in mind that under the rules for web addresses, they can't be used for business purposes. 

While an could potentially make a great and useful surprise gift for someone else, unfortunately the registrant (the person to use the name) needs to be the one to register it.

If for no other reason, securing a personal domain now while it's available, even if you don't have any current use for it, also prevents someone else from grabbing it. This will avoid disappointment at a later date if you have a change of heart and find registering your personal domain is no longer possible as another party has done so.

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