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How do I add a new POP or IMAP account in Microsoft Office: Mac 2011 Outlook

To add a new POP or IMAP account in Microsoft Office: Mac 2011 Outlook:

  • On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  • In the lower left hand corner of the Accounts dialog box, click Add ("+" button), and then click Email.
  • Enter your email address and password, and then click Add Account.
  • If the Add Account button is unavailable; enter your account information, including the following required fields: User name, Type (POP or IMAP), Incoming server, and Outgoing server. 

When the process of adding the account has completed, the account will appear in the pane on the left hand side of the Accounts dialog box and Outlook will commence retrieving your messages.

Special Notes:

  • If you add a POP account and another type of account, all messages from the POP account will appear in the Inbox under On My Computer in the list of folders.
  • With POP and IMAP e-mail accounts, Emails are the only items that are synchronized between Outlook and the mail server with POP and IMAP email accounts. Other items that you create in Outlook; such as contacts, calendar events, tasks, and notes, are stored locally on your computer and not on the mail server.
  • To delete an account, select an account from the left pane of the Accounts dialog box and then click the Delete button. Note that when you deleted a pop account, any existing emails associated with that account will remain in Outlook; but no further messages will be retrieved or sent. After deleting an IMAP account, all emails from that account are deleted from Outlook, however, any copies you have on the server will remain there. Non-email items such as  contacts and events  are not deleted when you delete a POP or IMAP account.

N.B. This information is based on materials from from the Microsoft Office for Mac web site and is correct  as of writing at the 28th October 2010. Any issues with this information should directed to Domain Registration Services technical support by email to [email protected] or by phone on 1300 863 436

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