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Do you offer a webmail option that I can use to access my email via a web browser?

Yes! We offer IMP - one of the world's most popular WebMail packages - free with all of our email and web hosting plans

If you are an existing client, use the following URL to access your webmail interface: (replace "" with your domain name).

IMP WebMail is very powerful and a convenient way to access your email while travelling or if you do not have access to your home/work computer; but there are are a couple of things you should bear in mind.

Your server storage space is limited depending on your hosting plan, so you should ensure you periodically download or delete your email from the server as well as delete old sent email from your "sent-mail" folder. If the total storage space used by all of the mailboxes associated with your domain exceeds the email storage quota that is associated with your hosting plan, then any new email sent to your domain's email accounts will bounce until you free up some space by deleting/downloading old mail (including deleting sent mail).

IMP WebMail can only be used to read email that is stored on the server through a POP3 account, not email that is redirected to another address.

While IMP WebMail does offer a great deal of functionality, it doesn't have as many features as a desktop email application such as Outlook or ThunderBird. We do not offer any specific support for this program, so please refer to the help screens that are integrated into IMP for more information on how to use the program.

If you have problems using IMP or it doesn't appeal to you, consider a standard email program such as Outlook or ThunderBird (which is free) that downloads your POP3 email or reads it as IMAP4 on the server.

PLEASE NOTE: IMP Webmail is not available with subdomains, ie

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