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Email Aliases and Forwarding

An alias email account is a type of email "pointer" that receives email at a specified address and forwards it someplace else. 

For example, you can create a "sales" alias that forwards all email addressed to [email protected] to one or more valid email addresses, even if they are not email addresses.

Why might you want to do this? In some cases it can simplify email management - a task that's becoming increasingly time consuming these days and each minute you spend on email administration may be interfering with achieving other business goals.

Instead of having multiple POP3 email accounts needing checking and administration; everything can be forwarded to and handled by a single address, while still adding a dash of professionalism through being able to posting sales@, support@, information@ addresses on your web site. However, if you have a Domain Registration Services hosting account, you're also of course welcome to set up as many POP3 email addresses as you wish as all our accounts come with unlimited POP3 email address support.

Email aliases and forwarders are also very useful when you have multiple staff members who need to be provided copies of communications being sent to a particular address. 

Email forwarders and aliases are just another way to help make your online business more efficient!

You can add or update alias/forwarding email accounts through your secured web-based control panel, a feature of every Domain Registration Services email and web hosting package. It's a very simple process and we provide a video tutorial to make things even easier. If you should strike any issues, our friendly staff are here to lend a helping hand.

Register a domain name and/or open a hosting account with Domain Registration Services and experience just how simple web site hosting can be - we've been providing superb quality Internet presence services to international and Australian businesses since 1998!

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