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Configuring bounce messages and catch all email settings

When somebody sends an email message to an email address at your domain that isn't configured to accept mail; or which doesn't exist, the system will reject the email; returning it to the sender along with a message that the email couldn't be delivered due to an incorrect address being used.

You can choose to alter the behaviour of this function - for example, mail to non-existent addresses can be forwarded to another active address you have set up - this is called a "catch-all" address. 

However, bear in mind that choosing to do this can significantly increase the amount of spam processed by the server as spam is often sent to randomly generated email addresses. Instead, you may wish to still bounce incorrectly addressed email, but with a custom message; or just reject all  incorrectly addressed email entirely.

To configure the site-wide settings for processing email to nonexistent addresses:

  1. Log in to your email/web hosting account control panel
  2. Click the "Home" link in the left hand menu
  3. Click "Mail"
  4. Click "Preferences"
  5. Select one of the options under "Mail to nonexistent user". You can choose to "bounce" the email, meaning to return it to the person with a specific message, have it forwarded to an active email address or just reject those emails.
  6. Click OK.

This flexibility in dealing with incorrectly addressed email is just one of the many features we offer Domain Registration Services email and web hosting clients!

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