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How do I setup an autoresponder or vacation reply?

Going on holiday or you'll be out of the office and won't be able to check your mail for a while? Or perhaps you would like to have email sent to a certain address be replied to automatically with a pre-set response?

This can be easily achieved using our automatic reply facility, also known as an autoresponder. This powerful feature allows you to specify automated replies in plain text or HTML format, and files can be attached as well!

To set up automatic reply/autoresponder for an email address:

  1. Log in to your email/web hosting account control panel
  2. Click the "Home" link in the left hand menu
  3. Click "Mail"
  4. Click the email address you wish to apply the auto-reply functionality to.
  5. Click the "Add New Autoresponders" icon
  6. Complete the fields on the page that follows. For help with any of the options, click the "Help" link on the left hand side of that page.
  7. Click OK. Done!

PLEASE NOTE: Autoresponders normally send out a reply each time an email is sent to them. If you would like to configure the autoresponder to behave like a vacation reply, you'll need to set the "Reply to unique e-mail address" to one or more days. This is important, because if you  have an auto-reply send out a response for every email, you will probably be removed from any mailing lists that this address is subscribed to and you may wind up with "looping" exchanges with other improperly configured autoresponders.

Some other useful applications for autoresponders:

  • Deliver reports and information products
  • Send a single marketing message based on a form submission from your web site, or on an email subject line.
  • Provide technical support based on the subject line or body contents of an email

Domain Registration Services' autoresponder features are very powerful and flexible, yet amazingly simple to set up - and like so many of the other features of our email and web hosting plans; the auto-reply feature is provided absolutely free of charge to our clients!

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