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Configuring your Apple iPad for email services

Please note: This guide was developed on an iPad2 using iOS 4.3.3; while Domain Registration Services takes care to ensure that the information is accurate, later versions of the device or iOS may differ from this guide. 

On your iPad, tap Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then tap Add Account:

iPad email configuration

On the next screen, select Other, then Add Mail Account. You will be presented with the following screen where you enter the basic account details. Name your account to differentiate it from any others that are configured on the iPad.

iPad email setup

The screen above provides you with a guide as to what to enter into the appropriate fields; obviously, use your email address in the relevant field. Once you have entered in the information on this screen, tap Next to fill in the incoming and outgoing server information:

setting up iPad for email

Your incoming mail server host name will be mail.<your domain name>.com; so if for example your domain name is, your incoming mail server would be Your username is always the information prior to the '@' symbol in your email address.

We recommend that you use IMAP as the account type for the mailbox unless you are solely going to use the iPad as you main email client. Using IMAP will allow you to retrieve the email on your desktop computer or notebook later, configuring a POP account will not.

Outgoing mail server configuration:

The Outgoing Mail Server will be that of either your network provider in the instance that you have a 3G iPad or your ISP if you have a Wi-Fi only iPad. The User Name and Password fields should be left blank unless your provider has a policy that requires authentication. We cannot confirm this for you and you will need to contact your ISP or network provider for this information.

Once you have filled in the relevant information on this screen, tap Next to continue to the next screen:

Configuring email on Apple iPad

During the verification process, you may receive a warning that the server was unable to be verified or the certificate does not match the server; in all instances you should tap Continue and proceed, as it is safe to do so.

The final screen shown above confirms the services that you have enabled; you don't need to have Notes ON; however this is up to you. Once you are happy with the configuration, tap Save and then press the Home button and finally, tap Mail on your home screen to test the configuration and begin receiving email on your iPad.

If you encounter issues then revisit the settings within the configuration and ensure that there have been no typographical errors. If you're a Domain Registration Services client and continue to encounter difficulties;  contact our friendly support team for assistance.

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