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What Australian Domains Can't I Register?

While you can register names using a variety of different words or phrases left of the dot, some words or phrases you'll need to steer clear of acquiring; or seek special permission for.

The au Domain Administration (auDA) is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for .AU domain names. One of its policies is 2014-06 - Reserved List Policy.

In addition to the word "Australia" and the names and abbreviations of Australian states and territories, there are also other words and phrases that are restricted under Commonwealth legislation.

2014-06 - Reserved List Policy states the following:

"It is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure they have obtained the requisite consent prior to registering a domain name that contains a word or phrase listed in Schedule A." 

So what is listed in Schedule A?

Among the words and phrases:

  • Commonwealth
  • Federal
  • Bank
  • Banker
  • Banking
  • Building Society
  • Friendly Society
  • Credit Society
  • Credit Union 

In the case of ANZAC, permission must be gained from the Australian Minister for Veterans' Affairs. There have been many registrants reprimanded for not doing so as this word/acronym is still fiercely protected. Using the financial words and phrases above must be approved by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. The words "federal" and "commonwealth" cannot be used at all - a total restriction applies.

It's important to note the above isn't an entire list of Australian domains that need to be avoided when searching for a website name. And in addition to full words, some acronyms and abbreviations may be prohibited. The full wording of 2014-06 - Reserved List Policy and listing of  restricted words and phrases can be viewed here. The same rules apply to ASN.AU, ID.AU, NET.AU and ORG.AU registrations.

If someone should register an Australian name that contains one of the Schedule A words or phrases and auDA becomes aware of it, the body may revoke the domain name licence and delete the domain name. The auDA notes it may conduct audits from time to time to ensure any domain names acquired containing words and phrases listed in Schedule A have the appropriate permissions.

Start your domain name search. Need some advice on registering Australian domains? Check out our name selection tips, read our guide or contact our friendly registrar team.

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