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What domain name extension should I register?

The domain name extensions you should register depend greatly on the purpose of your web site and the type of business or organisation involved.

Australian businesses

If you're doing business in Australia, the best choice is to register a domain name given its solid reputation and level of trust among consumers, but also consider a .com extension as an additional registration given .com has a high level of awareness within Australia and internationally. 

You may also want to consider searching for a .biz name as well. While businesses revolving around technology used to often register a domain name,  this appears to be falling in popularity. All of these extensions can be registered through Domain Registration Services.

Australian non-profits and community groups

If you're a registered community or non-profit group operating within Australia, is the most popular domain name extension. Should your desired website address not be available, try searching Also consider a .org version of the name, as that too has a high level of awareness both locally and internationally.

Australian residents

Residents of Australia can register an domain name; but it's important to note that these can't be used for commercial purposes, only for personal applications. If you intend to use the domain for a commercial enterprise and for whatever reason you can't register a domain name, try checking availability of the other well-established generic TLD's (Top Level Domains) such as .com, .net, biz. or .info.

Other country code Top Level Domains - issues

Many countries are now making their own extensions available for registration to non-residents. Something to bear in mind if you choose to go down this path is you should make yourself familiar with the rules of the registry; as what is acceptable under "western" registries may not be in some other countries. Also be aware political instability in other countries can have an effect on how those registries are run. It's for these reasons that it's probably safest sticking with .au website address extensions, or the "global" TLD's such as .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info - all of which you can register through Domain Registration Services.

Release of new gTLD's

Also available now are more gTLD's (generic Top Level Domains), which are being marketed heavily. Within a few years, there may be thousands of new domain extensions to choose from; but it may be some time before consumers are comfortable with these new extensions - and confidence is an important factor in online sales. For the foreseeable future, .AU names will remain prime online real estate for businesses and organisations in Australia as trust in the extension remains strong.

For further advice, see our domain name registration tips or contact our friendly customer care team via email or on 1300 863 436 for expert advice on choosing a good domain name. If you already know what you would like to register, you can start your domain name search below.

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How to register a name: Enter your choice in the search tool and click 'GO'. If after the check the domain names search results show your choice is available, you will then have the option to proceed to purchase registration; which is a very quick and easy process - start a search and find your ideal website address now.