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10 Australian Domain Name Myths

There are number of myths relating to Australian website domain names - here's ten of the more common ones and reasons why they are fiction rather than fact.

1. Domain name ownership

Nobody owns a domain name, they lease it from the relevant registry. However, unlike some other types of leases, as long as a registrant continues to pay the registration fees and operates the name within the guidelines of the registry, they'll likely have control over the address for as long as they wish.

2. You need a website

You don't have to have a website in order to register a name - many choose to register an address before a website design is even drafted. It can be a very wise idea to get your chosen name as soon as you've decided on the one you want in order to prevent someone else from perhaps snapping it up.

3. Domain registration includes hosting

While some companies may offer package deals, registration and hosting are two separate services.

4. You must host with the same company you register with

As registration and hosting are separate services, you are free to host your website with whichever company you choose; and the hosting company doesn't have to be located in Australia (although that can have some advantages).

5. Domaining is the road to riches

Domaining is the practice of acquiring domain names expressly for the purpose of resale. While some people still turn a good dollar from it, many don't. Like any venture, it requires a lot of study and a significant amount of effort and skill. There's also a rather large catch in association with Australian names - registering a .AU for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to another party is not permitted under policies for the Australian name space.

6. All the good names are gone

It's true many great addresses are gone, but like most things, a domain name is what you make it. Also, unlike some TLD's, there are still plenty of choices available in the .AU registry. Pick up some tips for choosing good names.

7. Social media makes domains unnecessary

Social media should be seen as an adjunct to a domain name, not as a replacement for it. With your own domain and website, you'll have more control over your content, how you display it and how you represent yourself. If you rely solely on a social network for publishing your content, what will you do if the network terminates your account? Having a web site associated with a domain name gives you portability. It's also good to bear in mind there are quite a few Australians who simply do not like social networks such as Facebook and refuse to use them.

8. Domain name registration is difficult

Registering an address is really quite simple these days - it takes just a few minutes. It consists of running a domain name search and if the search results show the address is available, you simply complete a form, pay the fee and assuming you're eligible, that's all there is to it.

9. Short domain names are best

Short domains are good, but a few extra characters aren't going to make or break you - and a short name isn't really an advantage if it is difficult to communicate. The quality of the name for your specific application is just as important as the length of it. Learn more about domain name length.

10. Hyphenated domains are good for SEO

While at some point in the past addresses with hyphens may have provided an edge in search engine optimisation (SEO), that's no longer the case - but the myth has persisted. Search engines such as Google are quite adept at discerning separate words within a "hyphenless" name. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of hyphens.

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