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Domain Names - Search And Registration

Domain Registration Services offers fast search & registration of available Australian & international domain names, plus affordable web hosting solutions. An auDA registry accredited Australian domain registrar, we provide friendly client care via a team of experts based in Australia.

Domain name registration is quick and easy - start your search!

To check availability, enter your choice in the domain name search query box below. Also select a website extension, for example,, .com, etc., from the drop down selector, then Click "GO" to commence your search. After the database query, search results will be displayed and if available, you will then be able to continue register the domain name.

Registering a domain - search our frequently asked questions

If your looking for information on how to register a domain name and your question isn't covered below, please do not hesitate to contact our register team on 1300660603 or search our infocenter page.

What are permitted characters when searching website domain names?
Valid characters that can be used in searching Australian and other extensions are letters A through to Z of the English alphabet and the numbers 0 through to 9. You are also able to use hyphens (-) in your search, but your website address cannot begin or end in a hyphen, nor can you have two hyphens in a row. 

Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, and similar) can't be used in a search. It doesn't matter which registrar you use to search for a website address, you'll find the character guidelines for .au names remain the same.

What number of characters can I use in my new domain name?
The maximum length you can use is 63 characters (Australian and otherwise). Web domain names are not case sensitive, which means you can access and display your website address in advertising in upper or lower case; or even a combination of both.

How do I perform a domain name search and check URL availability?
Use the domain name search facility above to check the registry database. Search results will be displayed and you will then have the option to continue with registering your chosen web name if it is available to acquire.

Are there any additional purchase costs in your domain registration price?
There are absolutely no hidden fees. All purchase prices are in Australian dollars and include registration and full registrar management. Check our Licence and Pricing Schedule

When I register domain names do I have to use them straight away?
No. It's your choice as to when you establish a site after you get your web address - but when you're ready to use your web name, instead of embarking on what can be a very time-consuming search for a web host, you'll find you can buy world class email hosting and web hosting services at very reasonable prices right here in Australia - from us. By obtaining hosting with us, you can keep all your Internet presence services under the one virtual Australian roof - we're more than just a registrar!

I would like to register domains but don't require hosting now, is that ok?
Certainly. You are not obligated in any way to buy email services or web hosting from our company, although when you do find you need to seek services, check the email-only or full featured hosting plans we have available as we would love to welcome you as a website hosting customer too.

If I buy domain registration with you, can I host my web site somewhere else?
Yes, you can - you have full control over your new web domain as it will be registered to you or your business. However, we're not just an Australian registrar. If you're looking for hosting services, our web hosting packages can save you from having to search for a web host and buy those services elsewhere. Our packages are very competitive and offer an excellent range of features, but you are free to host with any web hosting company you choose. If you elect to host elsewhere we will delegate your domain at no cost; i.e. "point" the domain name to your selected hosting service.

How many available domain names can I register?
You can Acquire many as you like - there's no limit to the number of new Australian or other web addresses you can register. Some register hundreds of website domains! You'll be able to keep track of them all through our secure online management interface. Start your domain name search now and find your perfect web name.

If I am ineligible to register domain names, what other Australian website address choices are available?
You'll find there may be another Australian domain name extension (for example,, or you can search for your website address that may be more appropriate for your organisation. Alternatively, perform a domain name search on an extension with allocation policies that are less strict than the Australian registry; for example: .com, .net .org., .info, or .biz; which are also available to acquire through our service. 

We offer further details below regarding Internet domain registration eligibility criteria.

How do I search for who a particular web name is registered to?
You can use our handy WHOIS domain name search online tool to find this information - it's an easy to use lookup service many use for searching for international and Australian registrant contact details.

What does it actually mean to 'buy a domain name'?
While the term 'buy' is often used, it's not totally correct. When you purchase registration, you are buying the rights to use a web domain name for a certain period and you are licensed by the Australian .AU registry to do so. Think of acquisition more like leasing - learn more about what's involved when you  'buy' a domain  

What web domain name extensions can I register through your registrar?
In addition to being an accredited registrar of Australian domain names, you can also search a choice of the most popular globally recognised website address extensions - .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info. You can run a web name search on any of these extensions using the search box at the top of this page. 

.COM, .NET .ORG, .INFO, And .BIZ Eligibility 
URL names with either the .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz extensions can be registered by any organisation or individual in Australia, or anywhere in the world. Start your search.

.AU Names Eligibility
The following are details about each Australian URL extension and  related registration eligibility criteria. 

register and/or
To be eligible for a website address, registrants must be:
To be eligible for website addresses, registrants must be a charity operating in Australia, as defined in the registrant's constitution or other documents of incorporation.
To be eligible for, registrants must be:
To be eligible for an website address, registrants must be:

What should I consider when looking for and choosing my domain names?
While Internet domain name registration isn't complex, there are a few things bear in mind before starting your new website address search and when choosing a web name, depending on how you wish to use it. For example, whether it's for business vs. personal applications or Australian vs. international will help guide the type of name you should get. For further information, please read our Domain Name Registration Tips - a handy guide offering many tips to help you in your search for a domain.

If you still have questions concerning how to register a domain name; please try a search of our Info Center, or if you can't find what you need there; feel free to contact our friendly Australia-based customer care team via email or on 1300 660 603